Discover Bass Lake Nature Preserve; 52 acres of wetland and woodland

hidden right in the midst of Saint Louis Park.

Hidden fawn

Wildlife habitat improvement


Ducks in the pond

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2021 and our first-ever Members' Meeting!

Video to Council

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Letter to City Council 2016

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Letter to City Council 1978

The map below replicates the open water

size of Bass Lake following the contour line

for the water level recorded at the Bass Lake train Depot in 1888. Notice its size in relationship to the city lakes. The corresponding water level recorded at the Bass Lake train depot was 880 ft. elevation. The water level is currently at 870.5 ft. elevation. The bottom of the lake has been probed to 6.5 ft. depth. This establishes Bass Lake historically as about 15 ft. in depth.. Lakes of that depth today are considered 'environmental lakes' with open water in the middle and marshy edges. (see Lake Depth tab for historical documentation).

Not much remains of Bass Lake after 100 years of environmental degradation. Click on the on the 'get directions' button below to see Bass Lake in relation to the incredible recreational assets the city lakes became. Click on the history tab above to learn the troubled past of Bass Lake.