Position 6 Basin Ecology

The following techniques are used in our neighboring cities and are readily available to St. Louis Park. Water management of the sub-watershed also offers benefits such as the harvesting of rainwater and runoff for uses not requiring potable water, for example irrigation, street washing, and ice making.

Some examples of water management practices in use in the Twin Cities Metro Area are described below and their potential benefits to our City considered.



1. Stormwater capture and reuse

The combined Wolfe Lake drainage and the Excelsior Boulevard section of the Bass Lake stormwater collection system offer large quantities of water at a location where it could be used for ice rinks and irrigation.

                      Example: CHS FIELD             St. Paul          2015                             CHS Corporation (formerly Cenex) funded a new baseball field for St. Paul. The very large building housing the Green Line LRT Maintenance facility adjacent to the field was adapted to collect rooftop rain runoff for used at CHS Field.

                     Features: use of harvested rainwater for irrigation and toilets

                     Engineers: Solution Blue, St. Paul, MN. with Rainwater Management Solutions, Salem, VA.

                     Link: www.capitolregionwd.org/our-work/water-resource-improvement-projects/chs-field/

2. Zero runoff design

St. Louis Park residential areas such as Elmwood and now drain across Highway 100 into Bass Lake. Much of this water could be retained within the neighborhoods.

                    Example: Inver Grove Heights new development 2013

                    Features: All surface water retained on site; 100 year flood volume control achieved with Limited Impact Design. Stormwater management system cost was less than 1/3 of traditional underground pipe system.

                   Engineers: Emmons & Olivier Resources

                   Link: state.awra.org/wisconsin/2013meeting/Session2A1Emmons.pdf www.bulletin-news.com/activities/2015/08/23/new-inver-grove-heights

                   Example: Central St. Paul District 2015

                   Features: Zero runoff retrofit to established neighborhood, with captured rainwater for irrigation of an athletic field

                   Engineers: Emmons & Olivier Resources

                   Link: not yet online at 4/1/2016

3. Lake Protection and Wetland restoration:

                   Example: Loeb Lake & Willow Reserve St. Paul 2012


                   Engineers: Applied Ecological Services, Prior Lake, MN

                   Link: www.capitolregionwd.org/our-work/water-resource-improvement-projects/willow-reserve-restoration-plan/


                   Example: Pamela Park Restoration Edina 2001


                   Link: www.minnehahacreek.org/project/pamela-park-wetland-restoration-project